Wildlife Conservation and Awareness Nurture from Yong

“Wildlife conservation and awareness nurture from Young” 2-day event on 25th and 26th May 2019 (Saturday and Sunday) at Kompleks Asia City, Kota Kinabalu.
We are very proud to have 2 heavyweight wildlife conservationists as our distinguished speakers, Dr (Hon) Wong Siew Te D.J.N, “Papa Bear”, the founder & CEO of Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre Sandakan and Dr Benoit Goossens, Director of Danau Girang Field Centre. Besides the mental arithmetic competition, There are exhibitions on wildlife conservation, robotics presentation, arts gallery colouring competition (Open), just fill in the form, forward back the form together with the payment slip, prizes for the top 10 & consolation prizes, certificate and lots of goodies 🥰😍, and lots of activities. All are invited. Thank you.

Colouring Competition Theme : "Wildlife Conservation and Awareness Nurture from Yong"
Date : 25th & 26th Mei 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue : Kompleks Asia City
Atrium, Ground Floor